What to do when you get error messages and suspect a virus on your computer

It’s never fun getting a virus (or other similar errors) on your computer. These errors are not only annoying, they are often preventable!

The cause of many of these issues on a computer is user error, files being moved accidentally, or files being damaged in some other fashion. When any of these occur, the risks for errors and system damage increase.

According to Wikipedia, computer viruses cause billions of dollars in damages every year. That’s insane! This money is largely spent to fix and repair the errors and damages AFTER they occur. Why not work to prevent them from happening in the first place!?

UPDATE December 2016: When working to get malware removed from your system, you want to make sure to use trusted malware removal programs. If you fail to use the most reputable programs, you can cause additional system damage.

Here’s a few details about viruses and how you can go about preventing them from popping up on your computer.

One of the programs many experts recommend is called RegCure Pro. It’s a program that is supposed to keep your registry working properly. Additionally, it has other scans it performs to help keep your computer running smoothly and effectively.

Here’s a quick video review about the program itself:

When researching the RegCure program, you can find other details reviews and write-ups about it too. Here’s a resource to read about does regcure pro work? After reading the details about it, you can decide whether or not you should buy the program to use all the time on your system.

One of the more common errors people get on their computers is with the dwm process. It’s named for the Desktop Windows Manager on Microsoft and the file is actually called dwm.exe. The issue happens when people have too many files (taking up too much space) on the desktop. Additionally, it can be caused similarly to the other reasons listed above – like errors, damaged files, or moving files around.

If you do notice a dwm error on your machine, it’s best to read more about it and see why it might be happening to you. Here is a great place you can find more information about it: errorBoss.com/exe-files/dwm-exe

After looking through those resources, you should have a great idea about the error itself, how to prevent it, and the causes of some other errors on your system too.

For more details on other system files or other tips to keep your computer running smoothly, be sure to do some additional research so you can stay on top of the latest errors, viruses, and dangerous stuff that happens or can happen to your computer.